Dr. Julie Karel

20 Research Way, Room 316
Clayton, VIC 3800 Australia
p: +61 3 9905 5343
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Dr Julie Karel earned her B.S in Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) from the University of Wisconsin – Madison (2005).  From 2005-2007, Julie worked as a Materials Engineer for Intel Corporation in Santa Clara, CA and Chandler, AZ.  Dr. Karel then obtained her M.S. (2010) and PhD (2012) also in MSE from the University of California – Berkeley.  Her postdoctoral research was carried out at the Max Planck Institute for Chemical Physics of Solids in Dresden, Germany (2012-2016).  Julie joined Monash University as a Research Fellow in late 2016. She is now a lecturer in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering and a Chief Investigator in the ARC Centre of Excellence in Future Low Energy Electronics Technologies (FLEET). 

Postdoctoral Research Fellows

Dr. Golrokh (Gol) Akhgar


Dr. Golrokh Akhgar is a postdoctoral research fellow working in the field of topological insulators in Dr. Karels’ lab. Her research interests are in growing intrinsic and disordered magnetic topological insulators via molecular beam epitaxy and then study the electronic and magnetic properties with electrical measurements in a high magnetic field. Prior to coming to Monash, Akhgar received her PhD from La Trobe University (Australia) in 2019. She experts on quantum transport in spin-orbit coupled systems; and she was the first to demonstrate tunable spin-orbit coupling via ionic liquid gating in the 2D hole gas at the surface of diamond during her PhD in the group of Prof. Pakes. She has been awarded the Nancy Millis medal for best PhD thesis within Science at La Trobe University.

Mr. Chang Liu


Mr. Chang Liu is interested in the electronic properties of topological materials, particularly on artificially designing transition metal oxide heterostructures with a large Berry phase. He currently focuses on device design, fabrication and subsequent characterisation by electronic transport measurements of the spin Hall effect and spin-orbit torques in high magnetic field conditions, from which he expects to observe a system with high spin current generation efficiency for next-generation topological spintronics. Liu’s PhD thesis has been submitted, and he anticipates graduating from the School of Physics & Astronomy, Monash University, in 2021.

PhD Students

Alexander Nguyen


Alexander Nguyen got his BA in Physics and Astrophysics with a minor in Music at the University of California – Berkeley (2016). During his time in Berkeley he did research in condensed matter physics with Professor Alessandra Lanzara. He started as working as a graduate student in Material Science Engineering with Dr. Julie Karel in 2017.

Abu Naushad Parvez


Parvez has got his Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Khulna University of Engineering & Technology, Bangladesh in 2015. He then completed his Master’s (MSc) degree in Mechanical & Automotive Engineering in 2019 from the University of Ulsan, South Korea. His research focus there was triboelectric nano energy energy harvesting from ubiquitous mechanical energy available in nature. During his MS candidature, he worked on polymers, graphene derivatives, and their composites. He also did potential analysis of pristine and composites using several nano-characterization techniques such as FE-SEM, EDX. FTIR, Raman Spectroscopy, XPS etc. He started his PhD in Materials Engineering under the supervision of Dr. Karel  in February, 2020 and is expecting to graduate in late 2023.

Undergraduate Students

Scott Bennett


Scott is studying a BA in electrical engineering & BA in Science, graduating in 2023. He is currently investigating how Ionic liquid gating on functional oxides can be used to realise novel physical reservoir computing systems.

Sally Sprague


Sally is studying a Bachelor of Materials Engineering, graduating in 2022. She is currently assembling an attachment for a PPMS puck to allow the in-plane measurement of samples.


Sandy Awad


Sandy is studying a Bachelor of Materials and Science Engineering, graduating in 2020, currently completing her Final Year Project on Magnetorestriction of 3D printed Galfenol under the supervision of Dr. Julie Karel. Her work focuses on investigating the viability of Additive Manufacturing for applications such as transducers, sensors, actuators, oscillators, and energy harvesting.

Daniël van Tubbergh


Daniel is currently in his 5th year of a Bachelors of Materials Engineering and business analytics at Monash University and will graduate in June 2021. As his Final Year Project he is currently investigating the design and implementation of an automated helium delivery system.

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