Our research lies at the intersection of Materials Science and Engineering and Condensed Matter Physics, where we specialise in electronic and spin transport measurements. The primary goal of our work is to develop new materials and heterostructures for low energy electronic and data storage devices. We are particularly interested in:

Non-trivial Topology in Oxide Heterostructures and Disordered Materials

  • We are studying the emergence of a non-zero Berry curvature in amorphous thin films. Through anomalous Hall effect measurements, we have demonstrated the dominance of the intrinsic mechanism (arising from a non-zero Berry curvature) in amorphous FexSi1-x and Fe1-yCoySi thin films. 
  • We are beginning to look at electronic and spin transport signatures in amorphous thin films with strong spin-orbit coupling to search for non-trivial topology.
  • Through ionic liquid gating, we are working to tune the Berry curvature in transition metal oxide heterostructures.

Effects for Emerging Spintronic Devices

  • We are studying routes to realise tuneable room temperature multiferroics though ionic liquid gating.
  • Our group is probing materials and heterostructures that can generate spin currents through large Rashba splitting, a large spin Hall effect or a large anomalous Hall angle.

Some examples of our work can be found on the next page.

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